Het Vijfde Seizoen

Aram Tanis at Het Vijfde Seizoen

Artist Aram Tanis (1978) is born in Seoul and grew up in The Netherlands. In Het Vijfde Seizoen Tanis works on a project about compulsive disorders, a disease that he experienced from up close with a family member in his youth. This inspired him to to ask the question: what does this illness do with a person? Through photo's and text he will investigate this with patients of Altrecht ggz.

Isolation, standardization en estrangement are important themes in his work. Tanis's work is about the sharp contrast between rich and poor, beauty and rawness, tradition and modernity. Tanis believes that the media determines what is beautiful and how people judge. It provides a standardization in society, from identical shopping malls to the idealization of the human body. Tanis wants to show the other side and go beyond the façade.

On june 29th Tanis will present his work and publication. You are invited to join from 16.00 up and untill 18.00 in the Fifth Season.

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