Het Vijfde Seizoen


Solo-exhibition by Floris Schönfeld

As of December the Fifth Season will launch the exhibition PUK* by Floris Schönfeld. PUK* is a multi-layered, long-term research project on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and neurodiversity. 

PUK* questions how we interpret Artificial Intelligence and examines if there can be space for other forms of intelligence, diversive behaviour and neurodiversity within AI. 

In 2019 Floris Schönfeld spent three months at the residency of the Fifth Season, where he worked with a group of experience experts to develop the subsequent step in this long-term project. 

During this interactive exhibition Schönfeld aims to facilitate an open-ended experience for the visitors.

In light of COVID-19 the Fifth Season has taken measures to make sure the exhibition can be visited safely. Although the Beautiful Distress House is spacious, there is a quotum to the maximum amount of visitors. Therefore a ticketing system is available. By buying your entrance ticket you will simultaniously book a time-slot. The time that is linked to your ticket indicates the moment on which you can arrive at the exhibition space. Once inside, it is up to you to decide how long your meeting with PUK* will take.

Entrance tickets:

Click here to book your personal timeslot

Our adress is: Beautiful Distress House

Ms. Van Riemsdijkweg 41A, Amsterdam

At the NDSM werf, next to the ferry.


12th of December - 24th of Januari

Wednesday - Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00 uur

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