Het Vijfde Seizoen


Reisgids Den Dolder is a book about life in a psychiatric clinic described by its inhabitants. Jantine Wijnja stayed three months in Het Vijfde Seizoen to compose Reisgids Den Dolder. She interviewed 35 patients about their stay in the institution.

 To listen the Interview with Jantine Wijnja on Tros Radio 1, visit http://www.radio1.nl/item/205528-Reisgids%20Den%20Dolder.html

In July 2014 , Reisgids Den Dolder was presented in Dolhuys Museum in Haarlem. The book launch was followed by a public brainstorm about what art and psychiatry can do for each other in the future.

Reisgids Den Dolder is also for sale in the museum shop Dolhuys, museum for the Spirit at Schotersingel 2 in Haarlem.

Reisgids Den Dolder is published by Het Vijfde Seizoen Foundation and sponsored by: Altrecht GGZ, Het Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting Skokroos, Kf HeinFonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and many individual donations through Voor de Kunst.

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