Het Vijfde Seizoen

Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy

Winter 2015

Domenico Mangano and Marieke van Rooy worked in Het Vijfde Seizoen in the Winter of 2015. Together with the patients Mangano made a movie about living in a mental institution. Marieke van Rooy conducted a research about a period of Dutch history of anti-psychiatry in the 1960s.

Domenico Mangano is interested in small communities and the position of an outsider in the contemporary society. The theme of madness has always been a great importance in his work. He started his career with La storia di Mimmo (1999) which is a story about his uncle who was schizophrenic. (www.domenicomangano.com/lastoriadimimmo.html)

The residency in Het Vijfde Seizoen was a continuation of a project that he carried out at Kunsthuis Syb in 2014. It is part two of a trilogy that will be complemented by an artist in residence project in a psychiatric hospital in Curacao.

Domenico Mangano studied at an art school in Palermo. He participated in several residency programs, including Shanghai, Marseille and ISCP in New York. His work has been exhibited in the Palazzo Grasso in Venice, the White chapel Gallery in London, MCA in Chicago and the Vleeshal in Middelburg. Various collections have bought his work, including Deutsche Bank, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and the Margulies Collection Miami. Since 2010, he is living and working in Amsterdam. www.domenicomangano.com

Domenico Mangano´s work period was supported by the Mondriaan Foundation.

Domenico and Marieke have a blog about their residency in Het Vijde Seizoen: www.dilutionindendolder.tumblr.com

Marieke van Rooy, an art historian and is a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture of the TU Eindhoven. Her research focuses on the political and social reforms at the end of sixties in the Netherlands and how this had an impact on the architecture of social housing. The ´affair´ Dennendal which happened on the site of William Arntsz Hoeve Den Dolder, is an emblematic case for the socio-political context in the Netherlands during this period. It was also important for the democracy movement. The residency in Het Vijfde Seizoen gives Rooy an opportunity to concentrate on the relationship between architecture of the environment and the society. Her research method leads to a personal log of an archival research.

Marieke van Rooy studied art history at the University of Amsterdam. She worked as a freelance architectural historian and published articles on contemporary architecture. She also contributed to various exhibitions for the Dutch Architecture Institute (het Nederland Architectuurinstituut). Since 2007, she is a PhD student at the Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven. Van Rooy taught architectural history and theory.  For more information about the research, visit: www.tue.nl/universiteit/faculteiten/faculteit-bouwkunde/de-faculteit/medewerkers/detail/ep/e/d/ep-uid/20070387

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