Het Vijfde Seizoen

Floris Schönfeld

Spring 2019

Starting from 1 April, visual artist Floris Schönfeld will be The Fifth Season's resident. Floris will work in The Fifth Season on the development of a new artificial intelligence named PUK*.

The character of PUK* and its development sits at the heart of the project and ties its various aspects together. PUK* is a chaotically creative, irrational entity that is fundamentally elusive. The project exists as the fictional story around PUK* which conveyed through a series of moving image works and as well as its physical manifestations in installations. Each of these works can be seen as a partial representation of PUK*. The project sets out to question notions of the normative in both artificial and human intelligence.

The materials used in developing PUK* are not limited to computational technology but have included everything from a collection of owl figurines, to ceramic masks and to two living ant colonies.

Floris Schönfeld (1982) is a visual artist currently based in Amsterdam. The focus of his work in the last years has been the relationship between fiction and belief. In his work he is constantly trying to find the line between defining his context and being defined by it. For more information http://www.florisschonfeld.com

His work will be presented in the exhibition venue of Het Vijfde Seizoen and the Beautiful Distress House at the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam in November.

This residency is supported by: The Mondriaan Fonds

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