Het Vijfde Seizoen

Lotte van Lieshout

Spring 2010

The painter Lotte van Lieshout stayed in Het Vijfde Seizoen with the photographer Christel Ooms. Interactions with the residents on De Hoeve led to the creation of images, that were both an actual translation of the residents’ stories and a reflection of their own fantasies. 

Lotte van Lieshout took walks with a resident named Volkert and gained insight in his world; later she painted these experiences in hallucinating colours with compositions of her own making. Volkert himself is also a protagonist in these images, sometimes dressed up as a figure in his stories, sometimes not.

Christel Ooms was fascinated by the strange events that she observed on the grounds. In the staged photographs she transforms these ‘half facts’ into whole fantasies. The scenes she creates reflect fears and fascinations that are rooted in reality, but that ultimately form a parallel world.



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