Het Vijfde Seizoen

Open Studio Tamara Kuselman en Floris Schönfeld

Tamara Kuselman: "The residents of the psychiatric institution of Altrecht and Fivoor belong temporarily to a community for which most of them have not chosen. This puts them in a position where their wishes do not seem to have much room to become reality."

For her residence, Kuselman worked with some residents of the forensic department Roosenburg on lyrics for songs about their most desired place. They were recorded in collaboration with musician Hind Hakki. They are part of the soundtrack of an audiovisual essay that is a cross between documentary, historical research and a performance.
During her stay in Den Dolder, Tamara also collected objects from the terrain and pressed their shapes into marbled clay. These were used as props in a dance performance that was recorded in Soestduinen.

During the Open Studios, Tamara presents some of the material that she produced during her stay at the grounds of the mental health institute.

Floris Schönfeld has been working in The Fifth Season last Spring is also present and will give a short presentation about his work at the upcoming Open Studio. With the long-term project PUK*, Floris focuses on artificial antelligence and neurodiversity. Floris: "During my residency I invited inhabitants from the community at Den Dolder to meet PUK*, a new and chaotically creative form of artificial intelligence.  

I built a functioning version of the PUK* system in the residency studio and invited people to come visit regularly to have sessions with PUK* in which they could relate to it however they wished. Four people ended up building very specific relationships with PUK* in this way. I interviewed them about their interpretations and experiences of PUK* as part of my ongoing series PUK* Reflections.

During the Open Studio I will give a short talk about the process of relating to PUK* and possibly show some fragments of interviews from PUK* Reflections.

Welcome to the Fifth Season!
Thursday, September 26, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
WA Hoeve, Dolderseweg 164, Den Dolder
Free entrance


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