Het Vijfde Seizoen

Dick Tuinder

Spring/Summer 1999

Dick Tuinder makes films, drawings and paintings, worked for broadcasters and wrote plays, stories, poems and screenplays. In Het Vijfde Seizoen, he noted that his idea of beauty is not in keeping with the esthetic experience of some of the patients. By naming himself a ‘beauty specialist’, he chose an indirect confrontation on which he reported in a collection of letters to the chairman of the Dutch Association of Beauty Specialists; Mrs. Pronk. He wrote a radio portrait of an imaginary occupant of the Willem Arntz Forest; retired politician and sound poet William Halbert. The portrait was broadcast by the RVU. Nine of the poems from the collection ’Gark Pydoe’ were published in De Revisor. Additionally, he published a newspaper for the residents in the clinic, the Rümke Gazette, in which he showed a large number of drawings.


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