Het Vijfde Seizoen

Sayaka Abe

Summer 2015

Sayaka Abe and Nina Glockner started the residency with daily morning exercises . Patients and staff Altrecht are invited to participate in the " Radio Morning Exercises". In addition, they organize collective cooking and eating sessions and they maintain a temporary summer garden with herbs and edible plants and flowers.

The artists worked in the Summer of 2015 in Het Vijfde Seizoen. In addition to the joint projects Abe and Glockner will also produce individual projects.

Sayaka Abe is interested in the marginality of the 'human condition' in our society. Her work comes from observation and personal interviews with people whom she encounters and seeks out in unusual situations. Abe wants to give a voice to 'the Unheard'. She uses her collected stories as a metaphor in her drawings, text works and audio and video work.

Sayaka Abe studied at the Tama Art University in Japan and at Gerrit Rietveld Academy. To study for an Master degree at the Sandberg Institute, she received a scholarship from the Foundation for Cultural Affairs of Japan. She participated in several residencies and was co-organizer of art projects such as Kamiyama Air (Japan), Uchinokoto project (3331 Tokyo and Amsterdam CBK) and the Cultural Embassy of the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Sayaka Abe lives in Amsterdam. 


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