Het Vijfde Seizoen

Alet Pilon

Spring 2011

Alet Pilon lived in Het Vijfde Seizoen for some time in 2009. Due to circumstances she had to cut her time there short, but promising she could finish her project on the long term. This was realised in the summer of 2011. Together with her husband Arthur Kempenaar and her two dogs she lived in Het Vijfde Seizoen for two months.

This short period had an enormous impact on her. She has managed, in her own personal way, together with the patients, to enter a new trajectory where the concept of fashion as a way to express an urge to live is manifested. This manifested itself in her presentation through the attention with which the inhabitants showed the clothes picked by them.

Below a message from Alet:

“I make images in which FASHION plays a role. My project was about the “outside”, because everyone at  Altrecht is preoccupied with the “inside”. With the “outside” I mean the CLOTHES someone wears.

What does clothing do to you? Do different garments change you? Do you have favourite garments and why? Do you want to stand out or blend in? Do you have a dream about wearing a certain item of clothing?

In short: I talk about the outside, which simultaneously does something to the inside. I organised dress up parties in Het Vijfde Seizoen. Get into a shirt or dress and laugh or cry. Together with 10 clients I organised their favourite outfit: from a “queens dress” to a wedding dress and  army uniform.  These outfits were shown on a “catwalk” by Het Vijfde Seizoen in a real SHOW!”


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