Het Vijfde Seizoen

ART & PSYCHIATRY - Residency in the psychiatric institutions the Willem Arntsz Hoeve/Altrecht

Het Vijfde Seizoen (The Fifth Season) is a residence for artists on the grounds of the psychiatric institution the Willem Arntsz Hoeve in Den Dolder, the Netherlands. Professional artists can live and work here for a season.

Since 1998 many artists have lives and workes in Het Vijfde Seizoen. It is an inspiring place and an extreme experience. The line between sick or not sick sometimes seems to disappear fot the artists and the patients. It is remarkable to see how each artist picks his own angle and approaches the psychiatry from a totally personal point of view.

By inviting a different artist every season to come live and work, a contribution is made to our goal of bringing society closes to psychiatry and breaking through the closed character of the grounds. Through their works od art the artists contribute to the imaging of the psychiatric patient and psychiatry in general. 

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Under 'publications' you will find a list of all publications that artists have made during their residency in Het Vijfde Seizoen.

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Het Vijfde Seizoen is pleased to invite artist Buhlebezwe Siwani (1987, Johannesburg, South Africa) as an artist in residence. During the residency she will create a new art work for the exhibition Tell Freedom in Kunsthal KAdE Amersfoort. More info artist: https://www.buhlebezwesiwani.com read more

Workshop psychiatrists - art & psychiatry

5 October 2017: intensive workshop at the fifth season, in which 24 psychiatrists, led by moderator Shailoh Phillips reflect on art of the fifth season.

Het Vijfde Seizoen co-host unique Art Manifestation Beautiful Distress

Thursday 23 November marks the start of the Beautiful Distress Art Manifestation on Mental Illness. Consisting of a two-part exhibition, a manifesto and a one-day conference, the event attempts to make mental illness visible and tangible through art while countering existing prejudices. read more

End of september, Laurence Aegerter completed her work period in The Fifth Season. She did research for a photographic method that can be used for young people and young adults who are vulnerability for psychosis. read more

Het Vijfde Seizoen Academy

'Het Vijfde Seizoen Academy' (The Fifth Season Academy) is a program for psychiatrist and psychiatrist in training. During interactive sessions participants are confronted with the value of the arts. read more

Restoration The Smokecurtain

The artwork The Smokecurtain by Fransje Killaars is being investigated for restoration by two students of the Master Conservation and Restoration Modern and Contemporary Art of the University of Amsterdam. read more

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