Het Vijfde Seizoen

ART & PSYCHIATRY - Residency in psychiatry

Het Vijfde Seizoen (The Fifth Season) is a residence for artists in psychiatry. Professional artists work here for a season.

Since 1998 many artists have worked in Het Vijfde Seizoen. It is an inspiring place. The line between sick or not sick sometimes seems to disappear for the artists and the patients. It is remarkable to see how each artist picks his own angle and approaches the psychiatry from a totally personal point of view.

By inviting a different artist every season to work at the residency, a contribution is made to our goal of bringing society closer to psychiatry. Through their works of art the artists contribute to the imaging of the psychiatric patient and psychiatry in general. 

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Under 'publications' you will find a list of all publications that artists have made during their residency in Het Vijfde Seizoen.

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Exhibition The Third Potential

On Wednesday 21st November the exhibition The Third Potential will open at Beautiful Distress House in Amsterdam. In the nine screen video-installation the artists presents their research on the meaning of language in relation to safety and security in a psychiatric environnement. read more

Autumn Residency: Rashid Novaire

Starting from October 1st, Rashid Novaire will be The Fifth Season's resident. Novaire will focus on writing a new novel in which the history of Den Dolder will play a role. read more

12 October - 28 October: To the Beat of My Own Drum

To The Beat of My Own Drum combines the audiovisual work of five artists that work on the crossroads of visual arts, the music industry and nightlife. This multi-sensory exhibition, stimulated by light, sound and moving images shows how 'high culture' and 'club culture' are closely intertwined and how these two different worlds strengthen each other. read more


Vincent van Gogh, Lady GaGa, Diane Arbus, Kurt Cobain, the list of famous artists with a mental disorder that have gone down in history as brilliant is endless. But how do we define who is labeled as a brilliant genius and who as ‘mentally ill’? Can we also see a different mental condition as a Superpower? read more

Artist Talk with Jan Hoek

Sunday 30 September there will be an artist talk with Jan Hoek, led by Esther Vossen (director / curator of The Fifth Season) and Wilco Tuinebreijer (psychiatrist and chairman Beautiful Distress). Afterwards, Jan Hoek will sign his book Mental Superpowers. Be there! read more

Article in Metropolis M

Saskia van der Kroef wrote an interesting article about artist-in-residencies in the latest issue of the art magazine Metropolis M. In the article, director and curator of The Fifth Season, Esther Vossen, is being interviewed. read more

23 September - Open Studio

This year, The Fifth Season will take part in the Kunstroute Zeist. The residency is open to the public on September 23, from 12.00 to 17.00. At 15.00, there will be an artist talk by resident Claire Harvey, followed by a Q&A with the artist led by Esther Vossen, director and curator of The Fifth Season. read more

Summer Resident: Claire Harvey

During the summer, Claire Harvey will be staying at the Fifth Season. Harvey is known for painting figures on transparencies, tape, slides and post-its and directly on the wall, while incorporating every last fixture and edge of material in a prismatic interplay between image and object. read more

18 September - Opening Beautiful Distress House, Book presentation and Exposition

The Fifth Season and Beautiful Distress herewith you for a festive book presentation, exposition and opening of the Beautiful Distress House on Tuesday September 18. read more

The Fifth Season goes to Tokyo

Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT) has invited Esther Vossen, director and curator of The Fifth Season, and Wilco Tuinebreijer, psychiatrist and chairman of Beautiful Distress, to give a lecture about the Art manifestation 'Beautiful Distress' that took place last Winter in Amsterdam. They will also give a workshop to children, as part of the 'DEAR ME' program of AIT. The workshop will be given in collaboration with the artist Masahiro Wada. read more


The exhibiton MY OTHER TONGUE shows work from all twelve artists that participated in The Fifth Season's Summer School 2018. The exhibition runs from 18 July until 5 August. read more

Summer School 2018: 'My Other Tongue', 8 July - 18 July

The Summer School 2018: ‘My Other Tongue’ will start on Monday the 9th of July. During the Summer School, a group of 12 participants will focus on art, language and psychiatry. read more

21 June - Open Studio The Fifth Season

For the past three months Jan Adriaans, Gerwin Luijendijk and Marianna Maruyama have been working in The Fifth Season. They will share their experiences on Thursday 21 June. read more

Exhibition Mission Nose Out

A group of students from the Rietveld Academy and a group of New Amsterdammers artists (status holders) went in couples on a voyage of discovery, through new experiences and places they have never been to before. read more

Exhibition Summer Guests in Museum Dr. Guislain

On Friday June 15, a fascinating exhibition opens in Museum Dr. Guislain in Gent (Belgium). The exhibiton 'Summer Guests' shows a large number of works that have been made in The Fifth Season and in the residency of Beautiful Distress, in New York. read more

Opening 50/50 (Artistic Research)

Join us at the opening of UvA's Artistic Research Graduation Show on Thursday evening, starting at 18:00! read more

Spring residency: Jan Adriaans, Gerwin Luijendijk en Marianna Maruyama

The artists Jan Adriaan, Gerwin Luijendijk and Marianna Maruyama will be working in The Fifth Season from April up to and including June 2018. Their research will be about language in psychiatry. read more


April 6th untill May 13th, thursday through sunday 12:00-18:00 - Projectspace Beautiful Distress

SEE OVERLEAF is a research project by students and alumni of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht and Vivian Bax of the MA St. Joost in Den Bosch. read more

Volunteers needed!

Het Vijfde Seizoen is looking for volunteers. read more

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Follow us on Facebook! read more

Het Vijfde Seizoen Academy

'Het Vijfde Seizoen Academy' (The Fifth Season Academy) is a program for psychiatrist and psychiatrist in training. During interactive sessions participants are confronted with the value of the arts. read more