Het Vijfde Seizoen

18 September - Opening Beautiful Distress House, Book presentation and Exposition

The Fifth Season and Beautiful Distress herewith you for a festive book presentation, exposition and opening of the Beautiful Distress House on Tuesday September 18.

Festive book presentation    

The book Beautiful Distress is the result of the Beautiful Distress Art Manifestation and Conference on Mental illness that took place in Amsterdam during the fall of 2017 in Amsterdam, organized by the foundations Het Vijfde Seizoen and Beautiful Distress. The book consists of the Exhibition Catalog and related texts, and an extensive report of the Conference, including Recommendations for reducing stigma.

Opening Beautiful Distress House

The Beautiful Distress House is the new space of het Vijfde Seizoen and Beautiful Distress in the dynamic NDSM -area in Amsterdam North. This is our new exhibition space for the artworks made by the artist during their 3-month residency in the mental health institutions in respectively Den Dolder and New York. The Beautiful Distress House also will be a place for meetings, discussion, events and unexpected encounters around art and psychiatry.

Opening exposition MENTAL SUPERPOWERS – Jan Hoek

Following the book presentation, we will open the exposition Mental Superpowers: works made by the artist Jan Hoek during his residency period in the spring of 2018 in the Kings County Hospital in New York, where he stayed through the Beautiful Distress foundation. On the exposition: 

Vincent van Gogh, Lady GaGa, Diane Arbus, Kurt Cobain, the list of famous artists with a mental disorder that have gone down in history as brilliant is endless. But how do we define who is labeled as a brilliant genius and who as ‘mentally ill’? Can we also see a different mental condition as a Superpower?

This was the question Jan Hoek asked himself during his residency period. Jan Hoek (a little mental himself) made the comic book Mental Superpowers, together with the ‘patients’ of the hospital.

When: Tuesday september 18

Walk-in from 5.30 pm

The program starts at 6.00 pm

Where: Beautiful Distress House, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41a, 1033 RC Amsterdam Noord