Het Vijfde Seizoen

For more information about artist residency Het Vijfde Seizoen, please contact Esther Vossen, director Het Vijfde Seizoen at:  vossen@vijfde-seizoen.nl

For questions you can contact info@vijfde-seizoen.nl.

Post adress

Het Vijfde Seizoen (The Fifth Season)
Eikenpage 2
3734 AC Den Dolder

Visiting adress

Het Vijfde Seizoen
Dolderseweg 164 (Terrein Willem Arntsz Hoeve)
3734 BN Den Dolder

Beautiful Distress House, Exhibition & Project Space

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41a
1033 RC Amsterdam

Applying to the residency

Artists and writers can apply to the residency by sending their resumé, short motivation (max. 1 A4) and a proposal or plan for the work period in the residency (max 1 A4) to: info@vijfde-seizoen.nl.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/VijfdeSeizoen/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hetvijfdeseizoen/

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Route Description from Den Dolder train station to The Fifth Season

From Den Dolder train station you turn right on to the Dolderseweg. This means that you are walking away from the centre (with supermarket Albert Heijn behind you). After a few hundred meters you will see at your right hand side the ‘Deltapad’. Follow the ‘Deltapad’. You will walk into a small residential area. Keep right here. After a few meters you will see a biking or pedestrian path on your left, that leads to a small bridge that runs across the main road that leads to Zeist/Den Dolder. If you walk across this bridge, you can follow the winding path downwards. You are now on the terrain of the WIllem Arntsz Hoeve. On a large map on your right side you can find The Fifth Season (Het Vijfde Seizoen).

On the Willem Arntsz Hoeve you will arrive at the ‘Distelvlinder’. You can walk straight ahead and turn right at the first road you see into the ‘Dagpauwoog’. On the ‘Dagpauwoog’ you will turn left at the first road you can, into the ‘Citroenvlinder’. After a few metres you will pass the crossing with the ‘Eikenpage’. Walk straight ahead until the next crossing and turn right into the ‘Dolderse Hille’. At the end of this road you will find the Fifth Season (Het Vijfde Seizoen) on your left.

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