Het Vijfde Seizoen

Dirk van Lieshout

Summer 2016

Artist Dirk van Lieshout develops his work in relation to a location and uses everyday habits in a new way. His installations, performances, drawings and models shed new light on the existing surroundings and rituals.

In Het Vijfde Seizoen Van Lieshout examined the traditional use of tea drinking and the social interaction arising from this.Together with the patients he worked on a 'teabike' and invited them to cycle and drink homemade tea. The ingredients for the tea were gathered in the woody surroundings of the residency.

The studio house of Het Vijfde Seizoen served as a laboratory during his stay: the models, drawings and videos of the workingprocess and the collection of fresh and dried ingredients for the tea could be seen here.

Dirk van Lieshout (1973) lives and works in Rotterdam. He was educated at the academie for Art and Design in Den Bosch and at the Ateliers '63 in Amsterdam. Since 2005 he did several residencies all over the world e.g. in South Korea, United States, China, Turkey and Germany. In 2015/16 his work 'The Vletter Riot' realised as an assignment by CBK Rotterdam was realised in the public space in Rotterdam. Van Lieshout had several solo exhibitions a.o. in Xiamen in China. For about 15 years he had regularly participated in group exhibitions.


The residency of Dirk van Lieshout was generously supported by the Mondrian Fund. The performance that took place during the exhibition Another Place, My Life was supported by the kfHein Fund.  

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