Het Vijfde Seizoen

Exhibition Mission Nose Out

A voyage of discovery, an encounter, an art project

A group of students from the Rietveld Academy and a group of New Amsterdamers artists (status holders) went in couples on a voyage of discovery, through new experiences and places they have never been to before. They will share the results of this experience, ideas they've exchanged, and artworks they've made. The variety of cultural backgrounds played a decisive role in this project. Both, the New Amsterdammers and the students come from countries from all around the world.
The couples have worked on joint or separate works that formed a combination, a dialogue, or an encounter between them, Photography students at the Academy and their multidisciplinary art mates. Art is the connecting factor.


Thursday 21 June, 16:00


Beautiful Distress Huis, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41A, 1033 RC Amsterdam


21 juni - 1 juli 12:00 - 18:00


Mazen Al Ashkar, Dora Lionstone, Nazar Haji, Luca Penning, Yara Said, Alizé Wachto, Marwa Mezher, Tomás Feijo, Roua Jaafar, Aurelié Sorriaux, Mohammed Hassan, Ju An Hsieh, Raafat Ballan, Sofie Bredholt, Shreya Desouza, Marta Capilla, Alma Kim, Muhanad Rasheed.

Project by:

Essam Zaki, Hanne Hagenaars en Vincent Zedelius

A project supported by the municipality of Amsterdam and the Rietveld Academy.

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