Het Vijfde Seizoen

Het Vijfde Seizoen Academy

Art is very suitable as an intermediary in communication on all aspects about ‘being human’ and the human mind. This directly affects the practice of psychiatrists. The art projects of Het Vijfde Seizoen show various approaches that can be used to approach psychological care. These approaches arise through intensive observations of the artists in the residency and in interaction with patients and employees of the institution. In workshop form, the participants of the Academy discuss the concepts of the works and relate them to their practice.

In 2016 the first workshop took place. Thirteen AIOs from Altrecht GGZ and the VU, together with different trainers, examined their professional practice on the basis of a preparatory assignment. Psychiatrists of Arkin and GGZ Amsterdam also followed the workshops. At the beginning of 2017 the first academy for GGNet employees was held.

Comments from previous participants:

“In a certain way I want to find the strength of the patient instead of the affliction."

"I wish that I had been informed earlier!"

"Looking at life through a different lense."

This program is generously supported by The Art of Impact. The Art of Impact is a two-year stimulus and research program focussing on art projects connecting to other social domains. The program was commissioned by Minister Jet Bussemaker in 2014.

For more information see:

www.theartofimpact.nl/projecten/het-vijfde-seizoen (this link is in Dutch)

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