Het Vijfde Seizoen

Sayaka Abe at Fukuroda Hospital

Sayaka Abe was born in Japan, living and working in Netherlands and Japan.

Her work is about human stories and starts with a person or people whom she has encountered. She examines in her work different contradictory feelings both negative and positive, arising from situations in life, being lonely, growing old, or being outside of society.

Stories that unfold or become uncovered through Abe’s own experiences. She transforms these experiences into 3D drawings and intimate spaces. She uses life-size drawings – and a tangible presentation of the work embracing space, sound, lighting, the specific site and material – to provide visitors, herself fully included, the chance to reflect on themselves through the work.

In 2015, we invited her to live and work with Nina Glockne rat the residency, Altrecht GGz in Den Dolder (Utrecht)

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