Het Vijfde Seizoen

Summer 2019

Amparo González Sola

Sola works in a transdisciplinary and collaborative way, putting in relation people from different fields, generations and social context and exploring theatrical and non-theatrical spaces. Currently, her main research evolves around the concept of transformation and alchemy in which she uses dance to address social, societal and physical issues.  By invitation of Het Vijfde Seizoen and Residenties in Utrecht she will encounter a social group that is new to her: psychiatric patients. During this residency the emphasis is laid on the creative process with these patients and the therapists. In this case the ‘how’ is more significant than the ‘what’. Eventually, the way in which she engages with the patients, by dance, moving toward both display and personal development, is the focal point.

Amparo González Sola is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and researcher from Argentina. She lives and works between Amsterdam, Paris and Buenos Aires. She actively participates in artistic and political collectives  in Buenos Aires. Currently she follows the program for choreographers: “Edition Especiale” at Centre National de Danse  in France. To learn more about Sola and her work please visit: https://amparogonzalezsola.com 

About Residenties in Utrecht: Original thinkers and creative producers share their expertise in cross-border encounters in which joins music, film and art with science and education, city-wide. For information on: https://www.residentiesinutrecht.nl/en/

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