Het Vijfde Seizoen

Autumn 2019

Amparo González Sola

Amparo González Sola is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and researcher. In The Fifth Season she organizes open work labs in which patients, therapists, managers and other employees of the institutions can participate. She examines how we make contact through movement.

In the open work labs she encourages us to see dance as an exercise to make contact with others. The goal is to create a space between the participants while listening to each other.

Amparo: "In Den Dolder I work with clients and therapists and I develop the idea of ​​'dance as a relational practice'. Through very simple exercises I want participants to experience a relationship - which I call 'reciprocity' - in which we move and are moved, influencing and being influenced, being active and at the same time receptive.

Amparo González Sola lives and works alternately in Amsterdam, Paris and Buenos Aires. Sola is actively involved with artistic and political collectives in Buenos Aires. She is currently following the program for choreographers: "Edition Espceciale" at the Center National de Danse in France. More about Sola and her work: https://amparogonzalezsola.com

This residency is supported by the KF Hein Fund and Residenties in Utrecht, which Amparo González Sola nominated for the residency at The Fifth Season. More information at: https://www.residentiesinutrecht.nl

The work and research that she accomplished in Den Dolder will be shown at the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF) from 25-29 March 2020 in Rotterdam.


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