Het Vijfde Seizoen

Anno Dijkstra

Winter 2012

In the winter of 2012 Anno Dijkstra lived and worked in Het Vijfde Seizoen. Dijkstra’s images are characterised by the social awareness that emanates from them. In his work he reconstructs (press)photographs. These are mostly images of dramatic historical happenings etched into our collective memories. With incredible precision he gives these photographs three dimensional forms. The picture becomes a sculpture showing us the happening again, but in a different form. By recreating the image life-size and three-dimensionally, the viewer is invited to see things in a new perspective. What do we see? How are hunger, violence and war portrayed and how do these images appeal to our sense of responsibility? This social awareness and questioning of individual responsibility together with the representation of (dramatical) events was the reason to invite Anno Dijkstra for a stay in Het Vijfde Seizoen.

During his stay in Het Vijfde Seizoen Anno Dijkstra broke with his usual method of using existing images. For Making Of he let himself be inspired by his experiences during his stay on the grounds of the psychiatric institution and the stories of those who live on the Willem Arntsz Hoeve. He was touched by a personal story of one of them wherein “destiny” plays an important role. The lack of choice which resounds though the story stands in sharp contrast with the freedom and possibilities Dijkstra experiences whilst making his life-size sculptures.


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