Het Vijfde Seizoen

Ashley Walters

Autumn 2017

Ashley Walters was born in Cape Town in 1983. He completed his BAFA (2011) and a Masters in Fine Art (2013) at the University of Cape Town, where he was the recipient of a number of prestigious awards and scholarships, including the Michealis Prize (2011) and Tierney Fellowship Award (2013). Walters has taken part in a number of international exhibitions in Bamako, London, Germany, New York, and exhibited his photographs widely within South Africa.

Ashley Walters’ work protagonize a subjective and critical approach to the behaviors and processes of urban life in the city and its periphery. His work tells of an interest in the everyday and public space in its least predictable dimension. Waivering between absolute complicity with his subjects and distant observation, his body of work emphasizes a non-spectacular representation of reality. Whereas some images provide tableaus of intimate, inhabited spaces, others render non-territories that bespeak of up-rootedness, scarring, anxiety and liminality.

For The Fifth Season he will stay a month in the residency. His work will be exhibited during Tell Freedom, a exhibition of Kunsthal KAdE.

His website: www.ashleywaltersstudio.com

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