Het Vijfde Seizoen

Cure Master, Martijn Engelbregt

Autumn 2014

Can we consider pain as something positive? Is it clever and purposeful to avoid pain or is it not always the best method? Fourteen international students of the Sandberg Institute were working around these questions. The students are attending the biennial MA training on health at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The temporary MA course is designed by two artists Martijn Engelbregt and Pavel van Houten in collaboration with TAAK. The programme started in Het Vijfde Seizoen. Students worked three months in the residency where guest lectures and group meetings were held.

In December 2014, the group of students presented their view on pain through the exhibition 'OUCH, Prescription for pain'. The exhibition was held in Het Vijfde Seizoen on the grounds of the institution. During the opening, free tours of artworks and performances were provided. The publication of 'OUCH, Prescriptions for pain' was presented at TAAK in Amsterdam.

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