Het Vijfde Seizoen

Joanneke Meester

Spring 2012

From April till June 2012 Joanneke Meester worked in Het Vijfde Seizoen. For her project entitled 'Routes and Routines' Joanneke Meester worked with older psychiatric patients. The relationship between movement and and mental well-being on one side, and her assumption that a long term stay at a mental health institution makes people less mobile on the other, formed the backbone of this project. In the course of three months, an extensive plan unfolded in wich patients aged 65 and older mapped their movements and were challenged to take different paths. Questions that interested Joanneke Meester were, for instance: "Why do we hold on to routines so often in our daily life? And what happens if we break through our ingrained patterns?''

Joanneke Meester (1966) studied the School of the Arts and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. In 2004 she gained international reputation with the pistol that she made out of her own skin. Her former mixed media installations and video are results of research into the subcutaneous violence in every human being. In her recent work she researches existential questions with regard to violence, identity, daily life and imagination. Her works are shown internationally and are included in a number of private collections.

For 'Routes and Routines' Joanneke Meester received generous support by the Fund Sluyterman van Loo. 


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