Het Vijfde Seizoen

Kyoko Inatome & Erika Blikman

Fall 2007

Erika Blikman is involved with photography, and Kyoko Inatome makes inflatable objects. Their joint project, 'Binnenstebuiten/Inside Out', consisted of two workshops. The first, the Circle workshop, was a brainstorming session in which participants expressed their individuality in a collage. During the next, the Balloon workshop, each participant made their own work of art on a large white balloon with a diameter of 130 cm. Sitting inside such a balloon brings many associations: house, womb, shelter, globe… Erika photographed the participants while they were at work. The results are extremely varied. The balloons were displayed inside out, providing a view of each artist’s inner home. Simultaneously, one could see each individual's outer side in the photo portraits. 



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