Het Vijfde Seizoen

Gerrie Hondius

Autumn 2011

Gerrie Hondius lived in Het Vijfde Seizoen in November and December 2011. In this short period of time she created a comic book in which she introduces us to some of the inhabitants of the Willem Arntsz Hoeve. The book is a personal account in which her own experiences and those of the clients are portrayed.

Hondius, together with clients, also worked on a project involving folding screens. Every Wednesday afternoon patients and clients of the Willem Arntsz Hoeve were welcome to Het Vijfde Seizoen to draw and paint together. Starting points were the following questions: Do you prefer to be behind or in front of the screen? On which side do you feel free? On which side do you feel safe? Can you be yourself more easily on one of the sides? Does it matter?

Gerrie Hondius studied illustration and graphics at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam and Theatrical Sciences in Amsterdam. Since 1996 she mainly works as comic illustrator for, amongst others, Opzij, AD, esta and nrc.next. In 2000 she founded the foundation Teken Mijn Verhaal (Draw My Story), and in 2006 the illustrator agency Inklinks. She is currently active as live cartoonist for companies, but also as instant poet, textual poet and stage poet, songwriter, sculptor and courtroom drawer.

Hondius illustrated and wrote the following comics:

Ansje Tweedehansje ingenaaid (Scherlei, 2004)

It’s a JUNGLE out there! (Gottmer, 2004)

Pindakaas (oog en blik, 2003)

Il faudrait m'inventer (Les éditions de l'an 2, 2003)
Als je je niks verbeeldt dan ben je niks (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2000)


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