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Summer School 2018: My Other Tongue

Summer 2018

After the succes of 2017, The Fifth Season organised a second Summer School in 2018, for beginning artists. During the Summer School, the students learned about psychiatry, they met patients and they made autonomous work on themes that are relevant in psychiatry.

Participants were:

Susan Bink (HKU), Reinier van Duijn (HKU), Maite Vanhellemont (HKU), Freya van Assem (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Lambertine van Veldhuizen (HKU), Ilke van Deventer (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Meike Legêne (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Linnea Langfjord Kristensen (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Fieke Ruitinga (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Sophie Schwartz (KABK), Jesse Strikwerda (ArtEZ) en Miriam van Beurden (AKV | St. Joost).

The participating student came from art schools from different parts of The Netherlands. The program took place at Den Dolder and Amsterdam North. The students were challenged by assignments to make a connection with patients en to develop their own work. They were coached by director and curator of The Fifth Season, Esther Vossen, and by artists, former residents and coaches of the Summer School Dirk van Lieshout an Marieke Zwart.

The theme of the Summer School was Language. This theme connected to the research that artists Jan Adriaan, Gerwin Luijendijk and Marianna Maruyama did during their residency in The Fifth Season, in the spring of 2018. A lot of important subjects came togheter in this theme, such as: inclusion and exclusion, agency, dependance and stories.

Three main questions:

- What is the relation between power structures and language;

- How can language be inclusive without denying individual qualities;

- How can technology help create a new language?


Maria Barnas, artist, writer and poet - The power of the imaginary


Roy Villevoye, artist - Resident at Het Vijfde Seizoen in 1999 and works part of the year in the Asmat in New Guinea


Astare, Durf te dromen Utrecht, with Erwin van Huigenbosch - Job agency and advice agency for patients and psychiatry


Jan Adriaans, artist and resident at Het Vijfde Seizoen, spring 2018 - Research in Den Dolder about security and safety


Saskia Janssen, artist and founder of Rainbow Soulclub Blaka Watra - Language of (meditative) drawing.


Trudy de Hue, phd scientist - Statistics, pharmaceutics and framing


Annet dekker, scientist and curator new media - Code, language and exhibition Paraphrasing Babel.


Marieke van Rooy, artist and art historian - History of the Willem Arntsz Hoeve.Triptych video work about psychiatry in the Netherlands.


Wilco Tuijnebreier, GGD head-psychiatrist public mental health institute and founder of residency Beautiful Distress in New York Brooklyn.


Roxanne Vernimmen, Psychiatrist and head of Altrecht


Anja Gramberg, founder of Chillbox and social worker Altrecht

Marieke Zwart, artist, resident at Het Vijfde Seizoen fall 2016 and coach Summer School


Dirk van Lieshout, artist, resident at Het Vijfde Seizoen summer 2016 and coach Summerschool


Esther Vossen, curator and director Het Vijfde Seizoen


Anik Fournier, contemporary art theorist and teacher at Artez

www.artez.nl and DAI: www.dutchartinstitute.eu

Marjolein Sponselee, art historian, journalist, writer. Founder of Lucy in de lucht. Producer summer school 2018 and embedded reporter Summer School 2017 and 2018.


Vivian Bax, artist and alumna Summerschool 2017. Studied at MA AKV Sint Joost Academy in Breda


Nick Doejaaren, web-designer and alumnus Summerschool 2017. Studied at Willem Kooning Academy in Rotterdam


The Summer School ended with an exhibition: MY OTHER TONGUE, in Beautiful Distress House at the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam North, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41A.

The Summer School was supported by: Altrecht GGZ, The Fifth Season, Gemeente Zeist, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland en Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Utrecht.

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