Het Vijfde Seizoen

Altrecht is a mental healthcare institution located in the centre of the Netherlands. We strive to restore people with psychiatric problems to their place in society as fast as possible, making use of specialised treatment and support.

Our social mission is mainly to deliver care and treatment which corresponds to the needs of our clients and yields as much positive result as possible in terms of health gain and quality of life. Altrecht also takes the responsibility of providing care in a way which efficiently taps into needed and available resources such as finances and people.

The provision of care in Altrecht is based on the specific situation and needs of her clients and consists of:

- Taking away complaints and problems;

- Long term care for people with chronic problems;

- Treatment of people with a psychiatric disorder and severe conduct disorder, whether or not with involuntary commitment or other juridical measures.

Altrecht has around 40,000 patients in care annually and around 3,000 employees. www.altrecht.nl (this link is in Dutch)