Het Vijfde Seizoen


Het Vijfde Seizoen (The Fifth Season) is a studio house on the grounds of the psychiatric institution Altrecht, the Willem Arntsz Hoeve in Den Dolder, the Netherlands. Professional artist can live and work here for a season and create new work with patients and staff of the institution. The art projects of Het Vijfde Seizoen agenda issues regarding the position of people with mental illness and tell the story of the patients. 

Numerous artists have been living and working in Het Vijfde Seizoen since 1998. It is an inspiring place and an extreme experience. It is remarkable to see how each artist chooses his own perspective and approaches the psychiatry from a completely personal point of view. Each artist emphasize another aspect of psychiatry and provides critical reflection on the perception of those suffering from mental illness.

Every season a different artist lives and works in the residency, Het Vijfde Seizoen offers artists the opportunity to come into contact with patients and staff of the institution on a daily basis and deepen themselves intensively in psychiatry. With Het Vijfde Seizoen a contribution is made to the objective of Altrecht to bring society closer to psychiatry and vice versa. The art works that arise in Het Vijfde Seizoen are shown regularly in galleries, museums and the institution itself.

History Het Vijfde Seizoen

In 1998 Altrecht created Het Vijfde Seizoen on the grounds in Den Dolder in cooperation with Suzanne Oxenaar of the former Praktijkburo Beeldende Kunstopdrachten (bureau of Visual Art Assignments) of the Mondriaan Foundation.

Designer Christoph Seyferth was asked in the summer of 1998 to remodel and decorate the building into an artist's residence. As the first guest in Het vijfdeSeizoen he was given the assignment to design an atelier and living space for the future guests. Seyferth stripped the building and used furniture on wheels to create maximum flexibility and space in the living room and atelier. He baptised his work as "Spartan Luxury".

The name Het Vijfe Seizoen was derived from the story "The Fifth Season" bij the German writer Kurt Tucholsky (1809-1935).