Het Vijfde Seizoen

Jantine Wijnja

Winter 2014

Jantine Wijnja worked at The Fifth Seaon on Travelguide Den Dolder. Travelguide Den Dolder is an uncommon travelguide about the mental landscape of a psychiatric institution. For this publication the residents of the Willem Arntsz Hoeve are the guides: Their experience of living in a mental health clinic is central. 

The core of Travelguide Den Dolder is formed by various mental walks: walks that do not go through forest, but through the landscape of the mind. In collaboration with dancers of the dance group Random Collision the publication features additional content in Augmented Reality.

The publication is characterized by the particular content and craft graphics, coupled with technical experiment in Augmented Reality. The publication is like a bridge: from the physical book to the virtual (Augmented Reality) world and from the inner world to public space. Graphic designer is Hansje van Halem who's recent published 'Sketchbook' was reviewed by De Volkskrant with five stars.

At the age of seventeen Wijnja debuted with the novel Pancake. She made performance readings based on a letterarchive in Ted Owens 'The Darndest Thing'. She showed a choir singing, scientific jargon and connected parapsychologists to artists in Wild Metafysica. Since 2012, her work focuses on the role that art can play in social innovation and language as a tool to connect different worlds. In 2012 she made Lelystad Handbook for which she appointed all the pupils of a school as temporary advisor. From 2007 - 2010 she curated the residency HMK (HotelMariaKapel) in Hoorn. Wijnja lives and works in Amsterdam.


The residency of Jantine Wijnja is supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Stokroos Foundation, the kfHein Fund and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. The realization of the Augmented Reality is generously sponsored by LAYAR.

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